Our team is made up of volunteers who are either veterans,  emergency service members or family members.  It is because of this make up that our team is dedicated, professional and ready to get to work on this project.

This project is in its infancy and still getting the appropiate volunteers together and trained in order to be able to start completing the wills for our first responders and veterans.

Together we  are committed to "Honoring Those Who Provide Our Freedoms and Protect Us."
The goal of the ​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project is to provide ​free wills and other estate planning documents to veterans and first responders.  Qualified emergency services include firefighters, police officers, paramedics, corrections and probation officers from state, county, city, town and village departments and agencies.

We will also supply these emergency services with a free 5’X9’1/2” American flag to be used if and when the time comes when one of our veterans or first responders should pass.  These flags will be draped over our veterans and first responders in order to show our respect and honor for them.  Upon completion of the deceased members service, this flag shall be presented to the family as a token of our respect for his/her service.  The American flags to be utilized in this project will be made in the United State of America.

The ​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project will be different from other clinic or pro bono legal programs because we will bring the program directly to the first responders. Working with department coordinators, the ​​​Flags & Wills of Honor ​​Project will provide this ​free service by bringing together our veterans and first responders with attorneys, notaries and witnesses at a firehouse, police station, training facility or headquarters on a predetermined event date. The department’s sole responsibility will be to provide the meeting space and coordinate the appointments.

Upon arrival at a ​​​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project, the veteran or first responder signs in and executes a disclaimer. The participant is assigned to a member of the Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project who will review the provided questionnaire and inputs the information from the questionnaire into laptops loaded with the document assembly software.   

The ​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project member will then review the draft estate planning documents with the veteran and/or first responder participant to insure that each person understands and agrees to what they are executing. Once finalized, the documents are signed, witnessed and notarized in a formal signing ceremony.

On average, it takes about one and a half hours to complete the estate planning documents. The ​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project does not keep a copy of the participant’s documents or information.  The participant should file them within the county in which they live and keep them in a safe, secure place.

The ​Flags & Wills of Honor ​Project is made possible by donations of individuals, private groups and corporations who respect and appreciate what our veterans and first responders do for us on a daily basis.